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Southern Ohio Farm Show

The Southern Ohio Farm Show is a partnership between Gigi Neal, James Morris, and Brooke Beam who take turns creating content and have partnered with many colleagues over the past 15 weeks to make the programming possible. Brooke directs, edits, and posts the show weekly to a live Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, and the local access channels in Adams, Brown, Clermont, and Highland counties. Each week, they cover a variety of topics, which have included: weather outlooks, grain commodities, animal science, meat science, weed science, family and consumer science, community development, local history, local foods, 4-H youth, and career exploration. So far, they have produced 15 episodes. Analytics related to the first 14 episodes suggest the show is quite popular and resonating with a large audience. 

  • Total viewership: 24,702
  • Average attendance per episode: 1,702
  • States of viewership: 28 unique states
  • International viewership: 4 unique countries
  • Viewership: 51% Men, 48% Women

The show can be accessed via the OSU Extension – Highland County Facebook and YouTube pages, or here.