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Be Alert for Increased Email Phishing Attempts

The Ohio State University accounts are being targeted in an increasing number of phishing attempts. Bad actors are trying to gain access to accounts and Ohio State’s internal systems and protected information. The Digital Security and Trust team in the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation constantly monitors for these threats and works to mitigate any potential damage. However, phishing attempts are growing increasingly sophisticated. Please help prevent issues by:

  • Evaluating external emails for possible risks, including: checking to see if you know the sender; identifying discrepancies between the sender address and email signature; and looking for grammatical errors and/or misspelled words in text or webpage links.
  • Reporting suspicious emails to DST’s incident response team by clicking the Report Phishing button located in the top right navigation panel of your Outlook inbox.
  • Proactively changing your password if you notice unusual activity, included unrequested Buckeyepass/Duo pushes, or if you clicked links in phishing emails.

More information can be found on the cybersecurity website.