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Thoughts from the Director

It is with mixed emotions that I draft my last introduction for News and Notes, as associate dean and director/chair of OSU Extension. It has been a tremendous honor to serve in this role and to work alongside some of the most amazing professionals in the Extension world as we navigated a once-in-100-year global pandemic; grew our partnerships and our workforce despite challenging budget environments; amplified our programs and our audiences through new and emerging technologies; advocated for college and university support as we experienced significant changes in leadership, platforms, and processes while moving forward to accomplish the business of Extension; and leaned into addressing some of the most pressing issues contributing to organizational culture. None of the last four years have been easy, and there are more complexities to our work than most everyone understands; but I have been surrounded by excellent professionals who are committed to the mission, which is bigger and more important than any single one of us and yet can only be accomplished by the coming together of ALL of us. I will truly miss the role of steward leader for OSU Extension, but I will continue to be an ardent advocate for Extension’s mission, growth, and success in my next role, where I will have the opportunity to focus on developing and supporting the next generation of Extension professionals and amplifying the awareness of and support for Extension scholarship and engagement. I look forward to having time to dive into these important aspects of the work of Extension. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, challenged me, and inspired me these last years. I am grateful to each of you.

I am thrilled to transition this important role to someone who I know will be a true caretaker of our land-grant mission and who has a familiarity with the system and the needs within our state. I hope you will reach out and welcome and support David Civittolo as he begins his interim appointment as our associate dean and director/chair of OSU Extension. We have an incredible organization that will only continue to learn and grow so we can optimally serve Ohioans. I encourage you to keep up your individual and collective efforts to engage Ohioans in addressing our most important issues of today and tomorrow; to support your colleagues and your leadership, who are your partners in any of our future success; and truly consider your contributions for caring for this great legacy for which we are temporary servants. OSU Extension is a powerhouse nationally and a true gem locally; and it is the partnering with our key stakeholders internally and externally that makes this mission possible. I know Extension is in good hands, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings. 


With gratitude, Jackie