Wiser on Wednesdays: Mindfulness, Stress Reduction – Aug. 25

Ever feel stress? Even before the arrival of COVID-19, stress is identified as a significant health problem for Americans. Not only do we need to care for health and wellness when there is an illness, but we also need to practice preventive care to stay well physically, mentally, and emotionally. As you all know, the OSU Extension Family, and Consumer Sciences (FCS) program promotes healthy living. Along with topics like healthy eating and exercise, mindfulness has gained recognition as part of a healthy lifestyle in the United States. Join Patrice Powers-Barker as she offers an overview of the science behind the art of mindfulness and the health benefits of stress reduction. This session, held from 1-2:30pm, will utilize mindful relaxation tools to live a more conscious, less stressed, and healthier life. Registration is required at go.osu.edu/WOWmindfulness. This session will not be recorded.