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Urban October 2021

Plans are underway for OSU Extension to join the global community to celebrate Urban October. Urban October was created by UN Habitat as an opportunity for everyone to be part of the conversation about the challenges and opportunities created by the fast rate of change in cities and towns. Ohio’s theme is Celebrating Ohio Cities – where we live, work, play, learn, and serve.

Celebrating Urban October this year provides a foundation for deeper engagement that contributes to healthy urban communities and urban-, suburban-, and rural-relationships. The Ohio State University already collaborates with communities throughout the state through alumni, faculty, staff, students/interns, volunteers, and community partners. As part of the university’s land-grant mission, OSU Extension engages with all of Ohio’s 88 counties, including the metro areas.

This year’s Urban October plans include:

  • Kick-off event for OSU Extension personnel on October 1 in Toledo at the Annual Urban Extension Summit. Register by Sept. 13 for the summit; registration is $20 for OSU Extension professionals.
  • A Grow a Plant, Give a Plant project initiated by Student Life and Master Gardener Volunteers.
  • Ohio State Kindness Food Distribution to northeast Ohio in partnership with Student Life, athletics, and the alumni association.
  • University-wide and statewide campaigns throughout October to increase awareness of OSU Extension and The Ohio State University connections in Ohio cities.
  • An Urban October toolkit to provide ideas for cities to participate.
  • World Cities Day on October 31 – Better City, Better Life.