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Annual Merit Compensation Program

Ohio State did not have the Annual Merit Compensation Program (AMCP) last year. This year, we are fortunate that the university allowed AMCP. The letters indicating your increase went out through DocuSign last week. As a reminder, the university allows a percentage of aggregate salary in each classification pool to be used for annual merit compensation. Those pools include: classified civil service, faculty, and administrative & professional. For consistency, all personnel working in the Department of Extension make up those pools. University guidance for AMCP is that merit and performance should be the determining factor in salary increase recommendations. There are no across-the-board increases in this process.

For Extension personnel, merit increases are based off overall performance review ratings for 2020. Expectations for performance are determined by position descriptions, annual goals, and rank for A&P educators and faculty. We use a four-point scale with the following categories: did not meet expectations, fully met expectations, often exceeds expectations, and consistently exceeds expectations. For consistency in the Department of Extension, each person with the same overall performance review rating received the same AMCP increase in his or her pool.

This year, the percentage of aggregate salary allowed was 3%. The university also decided that faculty AMCP will be applied in August, with all other staff AMCP being applied in September. Anyone starting his or her position after April 1, 2021 is ineligible for AMCP this year. Term and temp positions, typically grant-funded positions, are not included in AMCP and have a different merit process, if the funding source allows for an increase. Promotion increases were not part of the AMCP process and did not affect the pool of funds for merit increases.