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In-Person Programming

We are seeking clarity around the recent announcement by President-elect Johnson regarding the implications for our in-person programming. The final determination depends on whether or not they consider our in-person education to fall into events and Gatherings or in-person classrooms. We are advocating for in-person classrooms because we educate students/learners across the state. For now, my understanding is 50 people or less but we need to be prepared for a quick reduction to 10 or less participants if this interpretation is not confirmed. As always, we should be offering our programs virtually first, and only moving to in-person programming if virtual strategies are not viable. In addition, we should be keeping the numbers low, based on room/space capacity. Larger numbers will typically only be outdoors but under 50 total participants and with masks. Masks are required for all indoor and outdoor programming now, as indicated in the recent guidance from the university and as supported by the governor as a best practice. I will update you as soon as I am able about the guideline limits. Please continue to monitor your county COVID-19 situation here