Travel Resources and Reminders

-Jesse Buxton, fiscal officer, OSU Extension Operations

As you begin to plan for out-of-state and overnight travel for conferences and professional development this year, here are some key resources and reminders for you.


  • Extension Operations Overnight Travel Job Aid: step-by-step instructions for requesting your travel spend authorization and submitting expenses for overnight travel.
  • Ohio State Travel Office Travel Comparison Worksheet: required when adding personal time to a business trip, driving instead of flying, or using personal mileage instead of rental car (overnight/out-of-state). Quotes should be saved and attached along with this form to your spend authorization.
  • Ohio State Administrative Resource Center (ARC) travel job aids.
  • Ohio State Travel Office website.


  • Travel Spend Authorizations are required in advance of traveling. Separate spend authorizations are needed for each overnight/out-of-state travel occurrence.
  • Corporate Travel Planners (CTP/Concur) is required for airfare. Do not use a department PCard; CTP charges a university PCard, and the travel office will re-assign the charge to the traveler to be expensed.
  • University contract (Enterprise, National, and Hertz) is required for rental cars.
  • Travel PCard expenses are required to be submitted on an expense report within 7 days of the original transaction (including CTP/Concur airfare pre-paid by Ohio State). PCard manager must re-assign charge to traveler or create expense report on behalf of traveler.
  • Personal travel expense must be submitted on an expense report within 60 days of the original transaction date, regardless of actual travel dates.
  • Conference agenda should be attached with your travel spend authorization upon submission for approval.