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Thoughts from Jackie

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With next week being Administrative Professionals Day (Wednesday, April 27), I wanted to take a moment to specifically highlight the work of all of our tremendous information assistants, office assistants, and office associates. The talent and dedication you all provide to OSU Extension is invaluable and cannot possibly be measured or appreciated enough. You are often the first and lasting impression our clientele have of our organization as you greet them and are an ambassador for our mission. You bring your vast talents and positive energy to every activity, each and every day. You go out of your way to answer questions, solve problems, proactively provide resources, and ensure that every interaction with those seeking something from Extension leave with information, solutions, and an excellent customer experience. You provide key support to the work of everyone in the office, whether it is customer engagement, handling travel and financial support, managing schedules, maintaining equipment and office supplies, keeping the office/building maintained and organized, assisting with communications and marketing, helping with program materials and sessions, supporting volunteers and committees, and a million other things that cannot possibly be captured in this note. I know it sounds quaint, but you are truly the glue that holds everything together – we would be lost without you, your commitment and dedication, and your individual contribution of time and talents that make coming to the office special for everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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