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Note from David Civittolo

In the past few days, we’ve heard powerful messages from university and college leadership, both mentioning the excellent work Extension does with and on behalf of all Ohioans.

Last Friday, Dean Kress shared her State of the College address and focused on momentum. One statement she made in her video really struck me: “(Momentum) is the sum of our choices, our actions, and our unwavering determination to impact the world around us.” As I travel the state, engage in conversations with so many of you, talk with our stakeholders, and help guide the future of Extension at large, the momentum we’ve built is almost tangible. And that’s an incredible feeling. If you missed Dean Kress’s address in person, click here to watch it.

President Carter, in yesterday’s State of the University address, acknowledged the historical foundation of the university, which included multiple mentions of Extension and its importance then and now.

These messages from college and university leadership highlight the value of collective effort and the impact of Extension’s work. They serve as a reminder of how important our day-to-day work is to all Ohioans and the university at large.

Best, David