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Program and Return-to-Office Planning

As I mentioned in my March 24 programming update, we are able to start planning for more attendees at in-person programs that would be offered starting in mid-May; however, all in-person programs continue to require exemption approval. To submit exemptions for in-person programming, visit

We hope to have more information and guidance about how counties can prepare for their local fairs, as well as additional university guidance on planning for camps in the near future as well.

In addition, the in-person training course was scheduled to be completed by ALL Extension employees by yesterday (March 31). If for some reason, you have not yet accessed the online course, please do so ASAP at

I’ve also mentioned a few times that Extension administration is working on how to transition more fully back into our statewide offices, meeting the needs of our communities while being safe and flexible during the process. As you know, HOW we do business can be complicated, with many moving parts, university processes, and other factors to consider. The following list is not all-inclusive, but I thought it would be valuable to list a number of the things that are being worked on as we talk transition:

  • Updated office plans (technology needs, office space/density/coverage/schedules);
  • Office signage (office status, as well as required COVID-19 signage for doors, floors, tables, sanitizing areas);
  • Employee-specific needs (accommodations via HR, scheduling, readjusting to life in the office);
  • Programming (adjustments from virtual-only to in-person and/or hybrid);
  • Connecting with clientele in new ways.