1. Signature Authority

    Mar 4, 2020

    Reminder: only a handful of people in the University are authorized to sign legally binding documents on behalf of Ohio State. This would include any contracts, agreements, MOUs, etc.

    These contracts could be for both goods/services we provide to others, as well as goods/service we procure from others; regardless of the dollar value.

    Even if something you are asked to sign appears to be innocuous, it may still require review and approval from one of our legal representatives.

  2. Faculty and Staff Appreciation Guidance

    Dec 9, 2019


    Departments/units should spend no more than $75/employee, per year for staff appreciation and events.  While this amount does not include rental fees for space, tables, chairs, etc., it does include all food, beverage, entertainment, games, and any gifts.  Keep in mind, all applicable tax rules must be followed if giving gifts to employees.

    Generally speaking, holiday parties and staff appreciation week events would be included in this category; and our guidance is these events should not include gifts/gift cards from University funding sources.

  3. OSU Extension Severe Weather Operating Procedures

    Dec 7, 2018

    In accordance with university policy during snowy and icy weather, the following short-term closing procedures must be followed for county-based Extension offices: