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  1. Common Program Numbers for Workday

    Sep 28, 2023

    PG102187 Administration- please consider IF this is really needed, as Fund #s without PG#s could be considered the ADMIN fund

    PG103599 OSUE 4-H Program

    PG103616 FCS Programs

    PG103682 Agricultural and Natural Resources Program

    PG103555 Community Development

  2. Employee Apparel - Branded Merchandise

    Sep 27, 2023

    When ordering Apparel:

  3. General Records Retention Schedule

    Sep 27, 2023

    As some offices may be moving or cleaning out, these would be ideal opportunities to reduce the amount of paper housed at local offices. Some counties may have S4 and S3 information that needs to be destroyed. Social security numbers, birth dates, copies of checks, etc. are all items we should not keep. With much of the needed backup information housed electronically, few receipts must be kept beyond the reconciliation period. Annually files should be cleaned out to lessen unnecessary accumulation of stored paper. Check here for records retention resources:

  4. Workday Search Tip for Ohio State Stores Inventory

    Jul 25, 2023

    OSU Stores         [Newslink 7.24.23]

    Our warehouses have thousands of items including beverages, breakroom supplies, buffers, chemicals, copy paper, gas cylinders, gloves, lab supplies, nitrile, office products and OSU branded items.

    For a quick and effective search of Ohio State Stores products available to order through Workday, click on the search catalog link, enter a brief but detailed product description, and click the Inventory box in the left margin, as shown in the screenshots below.

  5. New Internal Order Billing for Internal Service Providers

    Jul 25, 2023

    [Newslink 7.10.23]

    Coming in October 2023, Internal Service Providers (ISPs) will use a new process in Workday to invoice other internal departments or units at Ohio State. The Internal Order Billing (IOB) process replaces the need to create an Internal Service Delivery (ISD) to bill other internal departments.

  6. Mediasite for Video Links to Use on Webpages

    Jul 13, 2023

    Login in to

    + Add Presentation

    Upload Video/Browse Files

    Select the video file located on computer

    Name it/give description

    Click “Create Presentation”

    It will upload the video – currently working…give it a few minutes

  7. FY24 Procurement Bid Thresholds

    Jun 26, 2023

    Effective July 1, 2023, the Competitive Bid Thresholds and Consulting approvals are changing:


    Current Thresholds

    Thresholds Effective 7/1/23



  8. Amazon Business Accounts

    Jun 14, 2023

    Only the PCard Manager can have a login for the CFAES Amazon Business Account. All Amazon PCard purchases are required to be purchased through an Amazon Business account and cannot be made through personal Amazon accounts. Office staff that wish to make a purchase through Amazon can simply send product links to the PCard manager to make the purchase on their behalf.

  9. Expenses HUB in Workday for Managing Your TASKS

    Jun 14, 2023

    The new Expenses Hub is live within the Workday Menu options. The Expenses Hub is a central location for managing your expense-related tasks and transactions and will display transactions that require your attention. It is not intended to manage the Expense tasks and transactions that you have submitted on behalf of others as part of an administrative role.
  10. Not to Accept Checks Written to OSU but Do Not Belong to OSU

    May 18, 2023

    If your office receives any checks written to OSU that should be written to another entity, we are not to accept them and especially not to cash them. Either return them to the originator and ask them to re-write them or ask the group/entity that the check should be written to if they would check with their bank if they would accept them as is with our OSU Extension stamp on the back and allow them to deposit them in that entities bank account.