1. Bank Reconciliation Update

    Jul 20, 2020

    Thank you to all offices that helped with this short turn-around time for getting June 30th external checking account balances to the treasurer’s office- we made our deadline. Now the process is to check that deposits show on eReports for reducing the checking balances and that our offices are keeping well under the $20K annual balance. In January, we expect to begin a monthly reporting process that will keep an accurate balance of our accounts on the University’s general ledger in WorkDay. More information on this process will be shared this fall.

  2. ACH/WIRE Claim Form

    Jul 20, 2020

    The ACH/WIRE Claim Form on the Office of Financial Services site is for direct deposit payments. If you have an external partner or vendor wanting to electronically transfer payments to one of your OSU funds, this would be the process to have that done. Any questions, refer to Jesse Buxton.26

  3. CIMA Volunteer Liability Insurance

    Jul 20, 2020

    CIMA volunteer liability insurance is paid annually by OSU Extension Administration to cover the liability of our volunteers in 4-H, Master Gardeners and Certified Volunteer Naturalists programs. There is nothing needed from our county offices as part of this process. We used to collect numbers from the counties when counties were responsible for half of the cost. We collect this information directly from the state offices and use that for reporting to CIMA.

  4. eReports 2nd Close Reports

    Jul 20, 2020

    Be sure to use the second close of the GL to do final reconciliation of June’s eReports as this last report will include any corrections made. Second close report available on 7/21/2020.

  5. Bi-Weekly Payroll Accrual in eReports

    Jul 20, 2020

    Please note that bi-weekly payroll accrual (for salary earned but not yet paid at the end of the fiscal year) shows on June eReports as an increase in liability in any funds from which bi-weekly employees are paid. This will result in your June calculated cash balances being higher than your actual reported cash balance. This liability will automatically reverse on July’s report.

  6. eRequest Approval Changes

    Jul 16, 2020

    CFAES Finance has made changes to eRequest approvals for all units across the college at the beginning of July.

    Changes in the procurement approval structure were imminent with the transition to WorkDay. CFAES Finance determined we should make the shift now to align ourselves with the WorkDay approval structure to help ease into that transition (WorkDay will be live 1/7/2021).

    For county units, the current level-one approval roles are being replaced by the Extension Operations Fiscal team, and high risk/high spend purchases will have Area Leader approval added.

  7. Annual PIER -Capital Equipment Reporting

    Jul 15, 2020

    Due to Covid-19 the annual University PIER Capital Equipment reporting was delayed until August 2020. Many counties with capital equipment reported condition changes, disposal needs and new equipment managers earlier this year. Currently, we have ran new reports and ask that if the status of your equipment has changed or equipment coordinator or need to dispose of items, to reach out to Sarah Mays.201 for updates.

  8. Yearly Activities Calendar for Financial Items

    Jun 25, 2020

    Much of the fiscal activity we do is a monthly process (travel reimbursement, PCard transactions, purchase order payments) but we also perform several tasks just once or twice a year. The Yearly Activities Calendar for Financial Items can help you plan for what is coming each month of the year. 

  9. Release Time INFO

    Jun 25, 2020

    Release time activity is reflected on your org’s 550052 fund on the 7os-90 standard monthly eReport.

    The “budget” row on the 7os-90 report represents carryforward from the previous fiscal year, plus these year-to-date release time returns.

    The “variance” amount on the 7os-90 would represent your available balance to be spent in total from the fund. (Budget less ytd expenses)

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Jesse Buxton.

  10. Staples – Save Up Your Purchases for Large Orders

    Jun 23, 2020

    One of the benefits of the Staples contract is a discount on payments. If your order is over $35 you get a direct discount of 2% but only a ½% discount if your order is less than that. So save up your transactions and order in bulk to receive better savings. More on Staples is available here.