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Workday - What to Use and When

Feb. 26, 2023


Create Expense Report = to expense a PCard charge, to get reimbursed personally- as in Travel Reimbursements

Create Expense Report for Non=Worker, ECM (External Committee Members) = Reimbursements to volunteers, includes 4-H Background Check Reimbursements, not taxable so no Supplier Setup Form needed

Create Miscellaneous Payments = Refunds (not taxable), Student Awards, Honorariums (paid one-time), Stipends, donations to a charitable organization (including 4-H Clubs), payments to affiliated organizations (affiliated 4-H Camps, local checking account reimbursements)…  taxable, over $600 annually gets 1099

Create Requisition = Staples orders, MarketPlace orders, Quotes in MarketPlace (as in Bus rentals, etc.), to create Purchase Orders to pay for non-catalog services & goods, to pay Speakers/Presenters who charge for their services; new suppliers will need a Supplier Setup Form attached

Create Spend Authorization = pre-approval for travel requests, must be linked to any travel expense reports, includes for Non-Worker as ECM

Create Supplier Invoice Request = to pay supplier invoice to an external supplier without a PO. Restrictions apply (ie: office rentals not through PARE, utility bills, scholarships for students paid directly to institutions)

Find (or My) Spend Authorization Details - OSU = to find spend authorizations in the system

Find (or My) Expense Report = to find an expense report, whether PCard, travel/Reimbursements

Find External Committee Members = to find non-workers in the system

View Supplier = to find suppliers in the system

Find Miscellaneous Payees = to find payees in the system

Find Requisitions - to find purchase order requests in the system