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Updated Ground Transportation Log (Monthly Mileage Log) TRAVEL

Jan. 3, 2022

Updated Ground Transportation Log

  • On January 1, 2022, CFAES implementied an updated “CFAES Ground Transportation Log” (previously known as “Mileage Log”). The updated log incorporates the University’s recent clarification related to mileage calculations when an employee has an approved “Flexible Work Arrangement” on file.      

    On the day of travel ….

  • If an approved “Flexible Work Arrangement” is on file then miles for a daily commute to headquarters are not deducted. Employees must certify/indicate on the log the existence of the approved “Flexible Work Arrangement.
  • If there is not an approved “Flexible Work Arrangement” on file then miles for a daily commute to headquarters must be deducted
  • Guiding Principles:

  • It is highly recommended the updated “CFAES Ground Transportation Log” be used beginning January 1, 2022.  Previous versions of mileage logs do not require employees to certify an approved “Flexible Work Arrangement”. 
  • If an older version of a log is submitted after January 1, 2022, the employee may be contacted to edit the Expense Report (ER) to include certification of a “Flexible Work Arrangement.” This editing will delay reimbursement processing.
  • By February 1, 2022, it’s expected all travelers within CFAES will convert to the CFAES Ground Transportation Logand older versions no longer submitted for reimbursement.