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UPDATE on Expensing: CTP Booking, Expensing and Flight Invoices

June 28, 2022
CTP Airfare 

All university airfare for individual business travel must be booked through Corporate Travel Planners (CTP). For Group Business Travel (10+ passengers) ScholarTrip must be used. Once the flights are booked, CTP will email the flight itinerary/receipt. All airfare is required be booked on the UNIV “ghost card”, no county PCards are permitted for use.  

Expensing CTP Airfare - update:

When booking with CTP (Corporate Travel Planners) do NOT use personal credit card (ONLY use if adding vacation time on to a travel and have additional personal expenses) and do NOT use the office PCard. CTP has their own card to charge the flight expenses. The TRAVEL OFFICE will enter the charge in an Expense Report in Workday. It is the unit/traveler’s responsibility to verify the Worktags, verify if any personal travel and to approve those charges in Workday.

Effective July 1, 2022 (FY23), Airfare transactions that are charged to the university’s ghost card with Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) or Concur will be submitted on an expense report by the Travel Office that will include:

  • Expense Line with Airfare Transaction $ (mapped to the approved spend authorization)
  • Invoice/receipt from CTP/Concur
  • Worktags from the spend authorization

The unit is responsible for:

  • Changing worktags (if applicable)
  • Verifying any personal travel combined with business (including cost comparison adjustments)
  • Approving within 2 weeks of the expense report submission in Workday (including Traveler certification)

If the traveler is an ECM (External Committee Member) the initiator will get an email from the Travel Office. The initiator will need to Create Expense Report from Spend Authorization, select the trip for which the flight was purchased, and continue to expense against the approved Spend Authorization.  

CTP Credits  

Credits from the airline are to be expensed the same as the original transaction. Reference the original ER# on the credit Expense Report. Keep info from CTP- in case of conferences cancelling or flights being cancelled.

CTP Flight Invoices

To print/save a flight invoice on behalf of a traveler, go to the travel website. Click on the Contact a Travel Agent box. Scroll down to Print Itinerary/Invoice for Expense Report, then Print My Invoice link. A new screen will come up for CTP. Enter the traveler’s first and last name. Search by the Credit Card Number (last 4 digits of the ghost card are 1329, OSP card is 8156) The “ghost card” will be used for all UNIV travel. If you are looking for more than one invoice per person, change to List rather than Single PDF. Make sure to disable your pop-up blocker.