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Jan. 10, 2024

The Uniprint ordering system does not communicate with Workday, so similarly to 4-H Publications with Comm Media, while placing the order through UniPrint- start creating the requisition - CREATE Requisition  -Search Catalog - type UniPrint in the Search field... to pay them in Workday. It is helpful to have both UniPrint and Workday windows open at the same time for this 2-STEP PROCESS.


After obtaining preapproval, go to the UniPrint website and begin to place your order through their online ordering form – but do not ‘SUBMIT” your order in UniPrint yet:

  1. Log in to UniPrint,
  2. Choose the tab: Order Online (Departmental Workday Orders)
  3. Log in with your OSU credentials (name.#/password)
  4. The Catalog shows up on left and highly requested items have a picture link as well: Business, Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Mailing Labels
  5. Choose item(s) needed -depending on item to be ordered -will be prompted to ‘customize’ name and address, ‘Refresh Preview’ to review the Proof
  6. Click next and the total price will appear without shipping cost
  7. Checkmark “Proof is approved*” to verify all information is correct, then click ‘Add to cart’
  8. Can either ‘Continue’ to shop more or ‘Checkout’
  9. Leave your transaction in the shopping cart and go to Workday to create the requisition - you will save for later to get the RQ# to put in UniPrint order to finish that part...


Create Requisition -Search Catalog - type UniPrint in the Search field in Workday...

In the Marketplace page, filter under Supplier for UniPrint. Choose one of the vendors and update the quantity on the line to the amount of your order through the UniPrint website (all UniPrint entries are entered at $1 price, and you update quantity to match the price of your quote) Add to Cart. Click on cart. Submit. Checkout your cart to return to your requisition page. Fill in the rest of the requisition information. Save For Later in order to get the RQ#.screenshot for where to put RQ#

Copy that RQ # into the UniPrint order in the Payment & Submission page using the first field "Purchase Order" (after approval the RQ# becomes a PO#) and Submit to get the UniPrint ORDER # to copy back to the Workday requisition entry.

To get the requisition back to an EDIT screen, click the 3 dots in the red bar after View Requisition- then in gray left column hover over Requistion and click on EDIT.

In the “Memo to Supplier” field in the header, paste or type the UniPrint order number along with the business purpose with name of employee who is to receive the cards, add in your name, email, phone, department and CC/BL/FD/additional worktags

Submit your requisition.

Service Center's UniPrint Resource Guide

Campus to use UniPrint. Statewide offices- ask UniPrint to quote the large jobs, can get a quote within 24 hours.  


Paul Sutyak 614-292-3450

Jeff Dible 614-292-3450