Travel Restrictions Extended

Aug. 24, 2020

The University has extended travel restrictions through the end of December. This includes mileage-only travel. Dean Kress shared in her update on 8/24 that there is now an approved process for moving forward with business essential travel only. Thank you for your patience as CFAES Finance and University Business and Finance have agreed upon a process.

Travel prior to University travel restrictions:

Please note, all travel that occurred after 3/17/20 requires a new T# that includes Business and Finance (B&F) approval at Level 2 in the eTravel system. No reimbursements for travel occurring after 3/17/20 can be submitted on older T# that does not have B&F approval. If you have travel that occurred before 3/17/20 that has not been submitted for reimbursement, please do so as soon as possible on your old T#. An exception form for travel occurring over 90 days ago will likely be required.

New travel approval process:

T#s that have already been approved by B&F using the Research/Extension and In-person Programing exemptions to this point will be honored and do not need re-entered. If you are unsure if your current travel request is valid, please reach out to your Fiscal Officer.

 All travel requests will require the following:

  • a very detailed and robust business purpose (answering who, what, where, when, why)
  • If you are traveling under an In-person or Extension/Research exemption, please attach all documentation pertaining to the exemption(s), including the initial email which granted the approval
    • Multiple exemptions can be used on the same travel request
  • If your travel is not related to an exemption, be clear about why it is business essential and cannot be performed virtually
  • For county personnel, Jesse Buxton will Ad Hoc the appropriate additional approvals as indicated in the process document. For state and administrative units, Robert Concitis or Anna Bernard will obtain the appropriate additional approvals
    • You will receive an automatic email with your T# when your request has been fully approved

Blanket T#s should generally only be requested for on-going exempted program/research travel, and all reimbursements (logs) must detail how each trip is related to the exemption (providing the exemption number on your log’s detailed business purpose is extremely helpful). Otherwise, please submit separate requests for one-off business essential travel as necessary for a specific business purpose (must be approved prior to traveling). Blanket T#’s should have an end date of 12/31/20 at the latest.

Please contact your Fiscal Officer if you have any questions. (County: Jesse Buxton, 4-H: Anna Bernard, State/Admin: Robert Concitis)