Travel Process Update

Jan. 21, 2021

CFAES Finance and University Business and Finance have agreed upon a process for authorizing and reimbursing business essential travel while the University has extended travel restrictions through 6/30/21.

The process outlined below is focused on in-state blanket mileage. If you have a business essential need for an out-of-state or overnight travel spend authorization, please consult with your CCM (Cost Center Manager. Jesse Buxton.26 for county offices, Anna Bernard.95 for state 4-H, Robert Concitis.1 for state ANR, FCS and Ext Admin). Once a spend authorization is approved, travel related expenses must be submitted on an expense report within 60 days of the original expense occurrence, or it will be processed as taxable income.

The federal mileage rate for 2021 has been reduced to $0.56/mile. Please note special instructions have been given to SNAP-Ed personnel due to the reduced mileage rate for that federal grant. If you have another grant with a reduced mileage rate, please consult with your CCM.

 Create a Blanket “Spend Authorization”

  • Link to ARC (admin resource center) job aid on creating Spend Authorizations
  • Link to Translation Tool. This will help you translate your old Chartfield Values to FDM Worktags. Reminder, there is no longer a User Defined option. Program Values are a good option for tracking your expenses. You may want to consult with your office leadership or Fiscal Officer on standard Worktags to be used for your unit.
  • “Spend Authorization Information” section
    • Dates: The end date of your travel must be no later than 6/30/21 (end of the fiscal year). You can enter a beginning date from last year to catch up on any mileage that was not submitted before the Workday changeover
    • Description: type “Blanket spend authorization for in-state mileage”
    • Business Purpose: select “blanket travel”
    • Justification (required): this is the old “business purpose” field. Please be thorough with you justifications and address the business essential nature of the request. If the travel is related to an In-Person Programing Exemption or continuation of a previously approved Research Exemption, please state those exemptions (and attach approval documentation)
  • Click “add” under “spend authorization lines”
    • The “Expense Item” will be “personal mileage”
    • The quantity will be the number of miles you expect to travel, which will automatically populate a total amount for the request
    • Memo: type “in-state mileage”
    • Enter your Worktags
    • Origination and Destination locations are required. Most of our county seats are not listed as originations. For now, input “*All Other Continental US Locations, United States of America”
    • Number of trips: best estimate
    • Submit
      • Once submitted for approval, your spend authorization will be reviewed/approved by both your CCM and Unit Leader (Area Leader for county offices, Assistant Director for state areas)

 “Expense Report” for your reimbursement

  • We are still gathering best practices for submitting Expense Reports.

Reminder from Dean’s Update 1/20/21:

Travel Exemption Process
Non-essential domestic and international travel will not be permitted through June 30, 2021. Business essential travel may occur pending approval procedures as outlined below.
 Essential Business Travel Process:

  1. Prior to travel, initiate a Spend Authorization request in WorkDay
  2. The Spend Authorization will route to the department/unit leader and Cost Center Manager for approval.
    • Department leaders will need to ensure travel is absolutely essential.*
    • CFAES Senior Fiscal Officer will review travels on a dashboard to ensure all are essential; questions/concerns will be directed to the department leader and/or traveler.
    • Business and Finance will conduct ongoing risk assessments and will reach out if there are COVID-19 related concerns.
  3. Once the Spend Authorization is approved, travel can commence.

*Guiding Principles of Business Essential Travel
(all 3 conditions must be justified by business reason and documentation attached to the “Spend Authorization” in WorkDay)

  1. Business travel is absolutely necessary to University/College mission and why (robust business purpose required).
  2. Business can only be accomplished by the traveler’s in-person physical presence and NOT virtually.
  3. Traveler’s in-person physical presence does not create an unacceptable health hazard.

Please review the CFAES Resource Guide for Business Essential Travel Approval. Questions should be directed to the department fiscal officer.