Travel Info

Sep. 16, 2021

When is a Spend Authorization needed?

  • IF a one-day conference/meeting only has registration and travel involved- no need to tie the registration to a new SA, can use the Blanket travel SA and log to claim the mileage.
  • If a virtual conference/session- no travel, only registration- then the registration is considered non-travel and no SA needed- *** it’s important to clearly mark virtual in the business purpose and/or memo
  • If NO travel involved or claimed for a conference/session (held in your office or within same miles as commute) and registration is the only expense- then the registration is considered non-travel and no SA needed.

NOTE: Carpooling will need a separate SA, in case of expenses that could arise- as in last minute change of plans and have to drive after all, or if splitting cost of mileage, etc.

NOTE: when traveling on OSP grants submit a separate SA

What if the registration is internal and nothing to tie back to the SA in Workday?

  • The internal registration won’t get tied to the SA, but should still be reflected as an expected cost, so put your blanket SA# in the Expense Report for reimbursement.

How does the Spend Authorization get tied to the Expense Report put in for travel expenses?

  • When in Header page (first screen) of Create Expense Report- choose the 3rd radio button,  Create New Expense Report from Spend Authorization, then click the drop down arrow to choose the correct SA
  • See create-an-expense-report-for-yourself job aid
  • This brings in your payroll default Worktags. Make sure these are changed to match the SA or current funding source where you are expensing the travel

Do I have to fill out ITEMIZATION in the expense report?

  • Only needed when splitting out Spend Categories, such as hotel bills if they include parking, or other charges on the bill to be separated out to another SC (NOT to separate out fees/taxes)

If I use the PCard for registration, hotel or other travel expenses, how will that get tied back to my travel Spend Authorization?

How can I cancel a Spend Authorization?

    • In the case when F2F conferences have been cancelled or changed to ‘virtual’ conferences, the SA’s should be canceled, here’s the job aid: CANCEL A SPEND AUTHORIZATION
    • When the job aid mentions 'related actions' click on the 3 dots in the red header bar to get the ACTIONS gray column to show up- then you HOVER over the Spend Authorization… and should see next step, which must be to END

    TRAVEL SESSION recording - Bob Concitis- overview of SAs and Expense Reports with Q&A