Supplier Setup Form Process Now a Workday Supplier Registration Site

Nov. 8, 2022

Supplier Setup Form (previously titled Vendor Setup Form) Process replaced with new site- except for MP and SIR requests.

P2P -Procure to Pay Services: New Supplier Registration Site

A new Supplier Registration site serves as the registration form for new supplier requests. The site replaces the PDF Vendor Setup Form used by both the university and the Wexner Medical Center. The Supplier Registration site is powered by Workday and will improve the quality of information we gather from suppliers and streamline the supplier request and setup processes.

  • The PDF Vendor Setup Form has been replaced with the Workday Supplier Registration site. The site link will be managed centrally by the supplier administrators who will work directly with prospective new suppliers.
  • The request process for adding new suppliers has changed. Ohio State end users with access to create requisitions must submit a non-catalog purchase requisition without a supplier. More information for creating the new supplier can be found in the Creating a Supplier Record job aid. In addition, requisitions without a supplier will be further vetted by Service Centers/Buyers, Commodity Managers, and Supplier Administrators. The Supplier Administrator will invite the new prospective supplier after the request has been approved. Once the supplier completes registration and the Supplier Administrator team screens the supplier, the supplier will be created in Workday and the requisition will be fulfilled. 
  • Improved data security with prospective suppliers through the Supplier Registration site.

Our steps:

  • Ohio State end users with access to create requisitions must submit a non-catalog purchase requisition without a supplier.
  • End-users and depts must provide the supplier’s contact information (company name, sales rep name, email addresses, etc.).  The Supplier Maintenance Team will only use email (no phone calls, US Mail, etc.) to communicate with suppliers.  It’s critical depts and suppliers provide a viable email address that is regularly accessed by the company and/or sales rep.   

What's NOT Changing:

  • The Supplier Setup Form will still be used for Misc Payees and Supplier Invoice Requests. 
  • The remaining steps in the Purchase Requisition process will remain the same.
  • The supplier update process will remain the same.

Find this info and resources at:

Please direct questions about the new Supplier Registration site to the Business and Finance Supplier Maintenance team.

Phone: 614-292-2694