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Steps to Order OSP Grant Gift Cards for Research Participants

Nov. 19, 2021

Ordering Electronic Gift Cards in Workday: (please note: this is for OSP Grants only/gift cards for research participants)

NOTE: Request the purchase order well ahead of time- as early as possible.

Log in to Workday, Click on “request travel or purchase” icon

Select “request to procure goods and/or services”

Requisition type:  non-catalog request

Enter your cost center, balancing unit, fund, grant (OSP is FD520)

Click “ok”

Select “request non-catalog”

Under “non catalog request type”, select “request goods”

In the “item description box”, include name of vendor(Amazon) you wish to purchase gift cards from and the purpose (participant incentive)

Example: 5 Amazon gift cards to be used as participant incentives for the xxxx grant.

Copy what you put in the item description box so you can paste it later.

“Spend category” – select “gift cards”

Quantity – put in # of cards needed

Unit cost – put in amount of each card ($10)

Unit of measure- select “each”

Memo- paste what you copied from the item description

Click “Add to cart”

After you order all of the gift cards you need, click the cart in the upper right hand corner to complete your order.

Under “Requisition information”, same info from item description in the  “internal memo” box.

Scroll down to the section labeled “Goods”

Slide the bar to the right until you see the “requested delivery date”

Input the date you need them by

Slide more to the right until you see “tax”

Under “tax applicability” select USA nontaxable

Finally, click “Submit”

The cards get emailed

to the (initiator or PI), then can print the bar code for the participant or email it to them to use.(If emailed, the recipient is to sign the form and send back before the code is sent to them.)

At this time, nothing gets sent to OSP but each office is to keep a copy of the 'Human Subject Payment Receipt' form that each recipient signs when they receive the card. (On this form- write the bar code # for each card, the amount, their name, grant (initiator or PI) signs it and the recipient signs it.)

Human Subject Payment Receipt

Gift Card Policies and Procedures

SPECIAL NOTE: these instructions are NOT for non-OSP grant research gift cards - for now, those can be purchased on PCards and follow OSP records/backup guidance.