Steps for Internal Orders With UniPrint

March 31, 2020

Internal Orders with UniPrint for Letterhead, Business Cards, etc. [Business Card Job Aid]

  1. Obtain preapproval for purchase.
  2. Log in to UniPrint,
  3. Choose the tab: Order Online (Departmental eRequest Orders)
  4. Log in with your OSU credentials (name.#)
  5. The Catalog of items will be available such as:
    1. Business Cards
    2. Letterhead
    3. Envelopes
    4. Mailing Labels
  6. Choose which item is needed and you will be prompted to customize the county name and address.
  7. Click next and the total price will appear without shipping cost.
  8. The order will need to verify the information is correct and then click next.
  9. The system will prompt you for an eRequest #.

Leave the order on your screen and create an eRequest as an Internal Order, choose Internal Vendor as UniPrint – Printing/Copying, choose Save for Later. Enter the eRequest# in the UniPrint order and submit. Attach the receipt from UniPrint to the eRequest, and finish filling it in, choose Continue, review and choose Submit for Approval.