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Staples Questions/Credits/Returns

Nov. 30, 2023

Depending on your issue with Staples orders:

If missing an item or shipment not come yet, to track items OR for a RETURN:


Primary customer service email:

Escalation point for customer service issues:

Gregg Schneider, Customer Success Consultant

  • They will need to know your account number (1822387) and either your PO number or your Staples order number. (attaching a copy of the packing slip would be helpful)
  • Please let them know you are Regional and not on Campus

If an error in Workday like missing item # - then you would contact:

  • Only Franklin County will go through Workday to process a return... all other offices won't have an order/receipt number to put into Workday- see process below...
  • To request a CREDIT and possible return: contact Staples Customer Service (our dedicated support team) by email: or call: 800-557-6268. Have your account number (1822387) and PO number handy.
  • Returns are most often picked up by a Staples courier driver and only if the item costs over $25. Staples will not pick up a return if it is under $25, although a credit will still be issued.
  • Return the product in the original packaging with a copy of the packing slip taped on the box to ensure Staples knows who to credit back.  The customer support team will give specific instructions for doing this. Please do NOT tape the packing slip to the item itself, it cannot be resold if damaged. Staples does not charge any type of fee for return postage.
  • The return will be picked up in the same place it was delivered (wherever that may be, it needs to go back there to be picked up by Staples).   
  • The credit memo from Staples will be issued electronically to OSU the same as invoices are and will reference the original purchase order number in order for OSU to process the credit in Workday.
  • A new order will need made for a replacement item.
  • On-campus offices only will use the Staples order number (from the packing slip) in Workday to process a return/credit: