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Jan. 29, 2024

When we are paying another organization as a sponsor of their event:

  1. All sponsorships require additional approval. This step is to ensure that multiple units are not duplicating sponsor efforts.
    1. Send Jesse an email with the following information
      1. Event:
      2. Date of Event:
      3. Organization hosting event:
      4. Purpose of Event/Business Purpose of Sponsorship:
      5. Cost of Sponsorship:
      6. Unit Funding Sponsorship:
      7. Benefits of Sponsorship (logo in materials, seats at event, etc.): 
      8. If seats/tickets, etc. are part of sponsorship benefits, who will use those:
  2. Jesse will get approval from Extension Director and Dean
  3. Jesse will forward approval back to requestor
  4. Approval should be attached with payment in Workday
    1. Payment options include PCard (preferred) and Misc Payment (MP may require supplier/payee setup form, process as contribution to charitable organization)
  5. Local checking SHOULD NOT be used for sponsorships
  6. Ext Ops will approve transaction in Workday and Ad Hoc Lori Bowman for approval.