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Requesting Transfers for Workday Changes

Jan. 26, 2024

Requesting Transfers for Workday Changes

Documentation to be uploaded in the Expense/Revenue Transfer Webform

County to County Payments: Transfer Form and an Invoice.

Note: Please limit writing OSU checks to OSU unless sending money to Columbus to deposit in the county’s funds.

Invoice from the county that is selling a product or charging a registration- to include Worktags for the credit. This is for REGISTRATIONS OR SALES to another county/OSU Department. Expense reimbursements could possibly be done by an Accounting Adjustment- requested here: Accounting Adjustment Request Webform


OSP – FD520 Transfers: Transfer Form, Cost Explanation Transfer Form (CETF), Detail Report and Actual Receipt/Invoice.

  • Look up GR# in Workday by typing it in the Search field. Under Usage, can find start and end dates of the grant. Under ROLES scroll to the bottom to find the Principal PI, need name, email and phone# of Principal PI and add this information on the Transfer Form.
  • Fill in OSP Cost Explanation Transfer Form that is on the second TAB of Transfer Form.
    • This CETF is needed whenever transferring To/From FD520 Grant Fund and to correct when a Univ PCard has been used, when the OSP PCard should have been used!
  • Attach the Transfer Form and the combined Detail Report and Receipt/Invoice as one PDF file in the Expense Transfer Webform.

Copy Reimbursement Transfers: Transfer Form and Tally sheet that shows how the amount was compiled: number of copies at what price each, totals for a specific time period.

Expense Transfers: Transfer Form and Find Journal Lines-OSU report as the Detail Report (Any other report could reverse the Debit/Credits and the transfer could be done incorrectly.)

This Detail Report from Workday needs to show complete Worktags: CC, BL, FD, any additional Worktags and include the Ledger Account as well as SC or RC#s.

Once Transfer Form is completed, attach both forms to the Expense Transfer Webform. These transfers can only move charges under sources like journals, cash sale deposits, old Internal Service Delivery, or splitting charges on expense reports or supplier invoices. Otherwise, choose the Accounting Adjustment option.

NelNet Transfers: Same steps as Above for Expense Transfers, except figure the amount to transfer MINUS 3% to cover the fees to be left in FD111:

  • For the Transfer Form: can combine lines when Worktags are all the same
  • Debit – originally comes in to NelNet, no PG codes
  • Credit – add the PG codes
  • Ledger Account # 42000
  • RC1163- Revenue Category

Accounting Adjustment: fill out webform on Ext Ops webpage, no attachments required. Use this when changing only the Worktags for an expense, cannot change amounts or split amounts. Accounting Adjustment Request Webform