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Reports in Workday

April 27, 2021

For now, use these reports in Workday to help find balances, income and expense entries... and keep looking for reports to give us what we need for reconciling our funds...

  • Equity Balances by Cost Center and Fund Group -gives the fund balance, then can drill down and export to Excel or Pdf
  • Equity Balances by Balancing/Carry Forward Worktags -
  • Sources and Uses-Variance Analysis - using a report to identify and understand the source(s) of a variance.

  • Find Journal Lines - OSU - Detail level, fiscal year, open report-in red bar, can adjust report, Download to Excel – filter by fund/Spend Category/ or run pivot tables in Excel data
  • Managerial Trial Balance
  • Gift Management – Managerial Gift Report, Find Gift Details by Organization, Detail Gift Accounting Report