Rental Car Guidance

Nov. 30, 2021

Some Rental Car Company Offices may take our Department PCards, but if not, then pay and get reimbursed… NOTE: National, Enterprise and Hertz are the university’s contracted suppliers for business rental car services. Business Rentals must be associated with an approved Spend Authorization.

 Personal Credit Card (with renter's name embossed on card) or OSU PCard (with renter's name embossed on card) are permitted.  Department or Service Center Cards will not be accepted.

  • Direct bill payment options (e.g. purchase order) are not permitted for OSU reservations (refer to the Travel Policy for payment options).  If prompted during phone or online reservation, bypass entry of any direct bill account number.

Business rental reservations can be made using the Web Reservation link or call one of the toll-free reservations numbers. Note: if you call one of the toll-free numbers to make a reservation, you must provide OSU’s discount code, which triggers all rates and provisions associated with the agreement.  Go to Rental Car Discounts for reservation information..