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Reactivate ECM in Workday

Jan. 11, 2023

Reactivate ECM (External Committee Member)

In Workday Search field type in Find External Committee Members for Expenses, FOR NAME: type in part of name of ECM (not necessary to type full name). For COMMITTEE: click 3 lines and choose “Expenses for Guests and Students”(usually). In ECM table of possible ECMs, to the far left -click the 3 dots beside the name of the one you want to ACTIVATE. In that window hover over Actions/Committee Membership and click on Manage Committee Membership.

Change the EFFECTIVE date to be the day AFTER the date that was put in last for effective date. Type in GUESTS in the Committee box to bring up and select “Expenses for Guests and Students”(and be sure that the radio button changes from “Create Membership” to “Existing Membership” before you click OK).

In NEW window, be sure to update REASON to “Committee Member Service> Committee Memberships> Update Member Info", and make the Term End Date out for a year or more.