QUOTES in Marketplace

Nov. 30, 2021

When ordering through a Buckeye Buy vendor, for services or goods, they will take your order and create a QUOTE, they then must upload that quote into Workday and give you a Quote Number.

You log into Workday, CREATE REQUISTION – Buckeye Buy Request – OK – Connect to Supplier Website – CONNECT – RoundTrip - next is to find that Quote...When working with vendors in Buckeye Buy that don’t have their own punchout sites, look for the quotes in the red box found in the RoundTrip popup window called Marketplace Quotes.

For those vendors that have their own punchout sites, then go in to their page from the RoundTrip popup window and put the Quote # in the field to search for the Quote. The vendor needs to have provided that Quote in the system for you to find and APPROVE with the big red button there, then that should flow to your cart and then you can Checkout.