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Quarterly IT Billing INFO

Feb. 17, 2023

Info to aid in understanding the Quarterly IT billing: Any changes in Personnel and Devices within the quarter will not be reflected until the following quarter. Personnel changes should be addressed to Jesse Buxton.26. Changes to device data should be addressed to the IT Service Desk.

  • Summary Bill tab
    • This tab first shows the charge per full-time employee. This charge includes services like Skype for Business, Zoom, OSU Wireless Service, etc. FAES only charges for 1.0 FTE employees because OCIO only bills FAES for the same. Employees less than 1 FTE will not be billed the per-person charge.
    • Next you will see a summary of device counts by device category, and the associated charges. This charge is a combination of yearly IT device support and actual cost of device (Desktops and Laptops).
    • At the bottom you will see your total calculated annual charge and quarterly charge.
    • The “prior quarter adjustment” will reflect any requested changes from the previous quarter’s invoice.  


  • 100% FTE Pivot Detail tab
    • This sheet lists the full-time employees and the cost per employee. Please verify that this list includes all 1.0 FTE employees in your office (not including SNAP-Ed or EFNEP).
    • A full-time employee with a split appointment with another Org number will show up on the report for their HR Home Org. Please let Jesse know if a split appointment exists on your list that needs to be partially billed to another org. (this will be done internally and not through the normal quarterly billing process)
    • If you believe someone is missing, or someone is included that should not be, please notify Jesse Buxton.


  • Device Pivot Detail tab (overview)
    • This sheet lists the number of devices, per device type, per employee (all employees/devices, not just full-time).

NOTE:  The summary sheet includes your actual quarterly bill amount, and includes your estimated annual amount for budgeting purposes.

If at any time you need to move the MITS charge in part or full to another funding source, you may request this via an Expense Transfer. If you need to move any IT charges to an OSP grant, please consult Jesse Buxton before requesting a transfer.

Instructions for requesting changes/corrections to IT Bill:
Device Changes:
  •  If you have the device but do not need it anymore (retire/return):
    • Submit a Computer Pickup Request via Self Service. View instructions on how to submit a Computer Pickup Request.
  • If you do not have the device (e.g. it is incorrectly assigned to you, you don’t know what the device is, or you no longer have it):
  • If the device is yours, but should be listed as an “Instrumentation Computer” or “High Performance Workstation”: (likely rare for Extension offices)
  • If you have a device that is not listed/assigned to an employee:
Personnel changes
  • If you have a 100% FTE person listed incorrectly on the fte pivot (e.g., person is not in your org).
  • If any of your 100% FTE personnel are not listed as expected on your fte pivot sheet
Roll On/Roll Off - for Supervisors:

see Updated Roll On/Off Form Info