Purchase Orders in Workday

Jan. 21, 2022
  • BuckeyeBuy is available to make purchases on University contracts (replacing eStores). This is the preferred buying method. (Requires shipment to office)
    • Before you start in Workday, search the supplier list to learn about suppliers and their products. In general, use internal suppliers first to see if they can supply what you need, then check other suppliers.

      After you submit your purchase, it will go through an approval process before being sent to the supplier.

  • Non-catalog purchase (regular purchase order to non-contracted vendor).
    • This would be for any other purchase that may require a PO and the vendor is not on contract. Here is a list of the restricted spend categories that would require a purchase order and will route for additional approvals. We will be updating our PCard & Local Checking restrictions list this quarter.
    • For new “suppliers” (vendors), please continue to have them fill out the Vendor Setup Form, and attach the form with your requisition request. The Service Center will complete the vendor setup process from there. You’ll leave the supplier information blank on your requisition.
    • For new "individual" supplier/vendor, please fill out the OPERS Form
    • Non-catalog req job aid
  • TO PRINT OUT THE PO: locate an unpaid PO in Workday- in View Purchase Order screen, scroll mid-way of page to line of SERVICE LINES, PROCESS HISTORY, ATTACHMENTS, PRINTING RUNS, BALANCES - choose 'Printing Runs' and click on link under 'PDF File' for PO- (opens a printable pdf, click on printer icon)

INVOICES: DO NOT FAX OR MAIL (OR HAVE SUPPLIERS SEND) HARD COPY INVOICES TO COLUMBUS: invoices are only to be emailed to apinvoices@osu.edu – they must have an INVOICE #, INVOICE DATE and CORRECT FORMAT FOR Purchase Order numbers…

CORRECT FORMAT FOR PO#S ON INVOICES: USE FORMAT PO-XXXXXXXXXX, do NOT use PO# or (PO-XXXXXXXXXX) or PO XXXXXXXXXX or other format – IF the brainware reader cannot make out the correct number to use in Workday, the invoice will not get paid. Best to add the PO number clearly, near the top of the invoice as a standalone number. If the suppliers are sending directly, ask them to CC you to ensure invoice is formatted correctly.