Publications Order Process in Workday

Jan. 21, 2021

This will be a Create a Non-Catalog Requisition- already have your order in to Publications/Pay on Account- have that total amount ready for the CART screen, and have invoice saved so it can be attached in this process:

  • From the HOME page, click on "Request Travel or Purchase"
  • Then click on "Request to procure goods and/or services"
  • For the Requisition Type- choose "Non-Catalog Request" -hit OK
  • Click on "Request Non-Catalog Items"
  • For Suppliers choose "Supplier Category"
  • For "Internal Supplier" choose Comm Media Distribution OSUE Publications
  • Be sure to fill in all MEMO fields, even IF no red asterisk beside the field- MEMO is now our 'Business Purpose' field- (look for MEMO in the line item details too)
  • For "Spend Category" choose Publications-Printed SC10659
  • Fill in Lines for Fund, Amount etc...
  • Attach Invoice
  • Submit