Publications Order Process in Workday

July 21, 2021

This will be a Create a Non-Catalog Requisition- already have your order in to Publications/Pay on Account- have that total amount ready for the CART screen, and have invoice saved so it can be attached in this process:

  • From the HOME page, click on "Request Travel or Purchase"
  • Then click on "Request to procure goods and/or services"
  • For the Requisition Type- choose "Non-Catalog Request" -hit OK
  • Click on "Request Non-Catalog Items"
  • For Suppliers choose "Supplier Category"
  • For "Internal Supplier" choose Comm Media Distribution OSUE Publications
  • Quantiy - 1, Unit Cost - Total of Order, Unit Measure - Bundle
  • Memo: SI-000000 Pubs Invoice # along with Business Purpose (This shows up in the Goods line for reporting purposes.)
  • In the "Memo to Supplier" field - IMPORTANT to put Invoice Number(s) SI-000000 of your order, and Worktags (Cost Center, Balancing Unit, Fund, etc...) **
  • Repeat Business Purpose in Internal Memo
  • Be sure to fill in all MEMO fields, even IF no red asterisk beside the field- MEMO is now our 'Business Purpose' field- (look for MEMO in the line item details too)
  • For "Spend Category" choose Publications-Printed SC10659
  • Fill in Lines for Fund, Amount etc...
  • Attach Invoice
  • Submit

When approved, the PO (Purchase Order) is routed to Extension Publishing. When payment is applied, a receipt is emailed to the primary contact on your store account.

To PRINT the PO - in View Requisition scroll to and click the PO#, in next screen View Goods Order Line- click PO# again- scroll down to Printing Runs- click link for pdf to print.

**Putting the additional info listed above in the "Memo to Supplier" Field will aid in processing the orders. Even though these are billed internally through a process called ISD (internal supplier delivery), Workday does not pull in the worktag information from the PO, so it takes time to search for the PO and pull the worktags in manually (as well as look at the attached invoice). Having that information in the memo to suppliers field will have it show up on the copy of the PO and saves a lot of time.

***When you have quote #s, invoice #s, those additional identifiers that will help the supplier fulfill the order, good to put those in the "Memo to Supplier" Field.