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Publications Order Process in Workday

Nov. 15, 2023

Set Up an Account 

Visit Register in upper right corner. BEFORE you place your first order, call 800-678-6114 or email This will ensure that you are added to the appropriate county office or department account. This will set your account to be tax exempt and discounted (CFAES 36%).

Place Your Order 

Once Extension Publishing confirms your account is set up, log into the store, search for titles, and add them to your cart. Large orders can be placed using the bulk order form linked from the bottom right of every page. Proceed to checkout. Confirm shipping and billing addresses. Add comments for Ext Pubs staff as needed. Choose PAY ON ACCOUNT, under the Credit Card payment option. [Do NOT pay with PCard.] Once your order ships, you will receive an invoice by email with an SI# assigned to order. Save the invoice to attach to your Workday request. Do not pay by check.

Pay with Non-Catalog Requisition

You will need your invoice saved as a PDF and the total amount to do the requisition.

  1. Log into Workday and navigate to Requisitions from the Menu in the top left.
  2. From the HOME page, click on MENU, then Requisitions.
  3. Check in the left side panel, “Requisition Details”, confirm that the information is correct.
  4. Scroll down to Ordering Methods and select "Request Non-Catalog Items"
  5. What Do You Need to Order? Description of order, for example: Books for 4-H members, etc.
  6. What Type of Order Is It? SC10659 (Publications Printed)
  7. This is a GOODS item.
  8. Quantity = 1, Unit Measure = Bundle, Unit Cost = Order Total
  9. Under Other Details to Add: Supplier = OSU Extension Publishing
  10. Memo: SI-000000 (Pubs Sales Invoice number) along with Business Purpose. This shows up in the Goods line for reporting purposes.
  11. Click ADD to CART button and then at top left, go to CART, CHECKOUT
  12. In the "Memo to Supplier" field - *IMPORTANT to put Invoice Number(s) SI-000000 of order, (no longer need to add Worktags here)
  13. Expand on the Business Purpose in Internal Memo
  14. Be sure to fill in all MEMO fields: Memo to supplier should include your sales invoice number(s) and Internal Memo is the Business Purpose field. You will find the original memo you used below in the goods line.
  15. Attach invoice(s).
  16. Submit.

When approved, the PO (Purchase Order) is routed to OSU Extension Publishing. When payment is applied, a receipt is emailed to the primary contact on your store account.

To print the PO for your records if desired: view Requisition, scroll to the left in the good line and click the PO number. In next screen View Goods Order Line, click PO number again, scroll down to Printing Runs, click link for pdf to print.

*Putting the Sales Invoice number(s) SI# in the "Memo to Supplier" field aids in processing payment. Multiple publication orders can be added to the same requisition in Workday: ADD a separate line per invoice and list the Sales Invoice numbers for each order in the MEMO to Suppliers

If funding needs split between Worktags on an Expense Line, scroll to the right on the expense line, choose the Split button to add additional Worktags for same SI#. 

Be sure to put in a thorough Business Purpose, not just “ordering publications”, remember to justify the WHY.

Paying with a Workday Requisition is required (OSU to OSU). PCard or check payments are not permitted.