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PCard Transaction CleanUp and Report to Run

June 28, 2022

The service center is looking to clear up the backlog of unexpensed PCard transactions.  Please run "Credit Card Transactions- OSU" report monthly:

In SEARCH type in 'Credit Card Transactions-OSU’ to find a report that will show:

  • how many days since the charge was assigned
  • where it stands in the business process
  • who Expense Report is waiting on next

Please run this report to see if you have any unexpensed transactions on your cards.

Workday’s PCard payment and posting processes differ from previous legacy system.  All PCard transactions are initially “paid” by central University funding.  Only when a PCard ER moves to “complete” status does the expense transfer from central University funds to the appropriate budget.  This functionality is providing the central University monitoring ability of CFAES PCards and in some cases we have seen 30 day suspensions on some cards.

When these expenses are not completed, then reports aren’t showing a true reflection of our budgets or available balances. The University’s Business Standard is to submit the PCard ERs within 7-days of Workday load date. It is very important to clear up this backlog and stay current with PCard charges.