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PCard Replacement or New Cards Pick-Up

Aug. 30, 2021

All new applications for a PCard and/or requests for replacement due to loss/fraud will be available for in-person pick-up at 901 Woody Hayes (Blankenship Hall) effective September 1, 2021. Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Patty Corfman, Extension OPs Fiscal Liaison in Ag Admin, will be available to help pick up new/replacement cards for the Statewide and Regional Offices on Tuesday and Thursday. If you need your PCard asap, please arrange for someone from the office to pick up the PCard. When a manager receives notification that a card is ready to pick up, they need to send Patty ( and provide her your Worktags for the UPS shipping charge (preferably with the subject Need PCard Picked Up).

  • The PCard Office will notify the cardholder or card manager listed on the application by email with pick-up instructions.
  • Cardholders or Card Managers should not arrive for pick-up until in receipt of pick-up instructions that are unique to the specific card.
  • ID validation will be required at pick-up.

Any PCards that need to be routed to regional campuses or to out-of-state recipients must be arranged by the requesting unit after pick-up.

What actions should I take upon receiving my PCard?

  • You will need to activate the card using the 4-digit verification code that you create in the Docusign process.  In most cases, this is the last 4 digits of our social security number or the last 4 digits of your employee ID#.
  • Expired cards should be properly destroyed once the new card is activated.

If you have questions, please contact your OPs Fiscal Liaison and last resort the PCard Office.