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OSU Extension Travel Guideline Clarification

April 23, 2023

Travel Approval Process, Travel Policy Link and Policy Clarification on Ability to Claim Mileage to Headquarters

Travel Approval Process

  1. Traveler confers with supervisor to determine if the travel is necessary and in line with the guidance above.  Departmental/unit financial resources should be considered as part of the decision.
  2. Traveler or designated department staff person enters a Spend Authorization at least two weeks prior to departure date for domestic travel (out-of-state), six weeks prior for international travel-  the International Acknowledgement of Understanding Form is part of the Spend Authorization process now.
  3. Spend Authorizations will automatically workflow to all required travel approvers (e.g. cost center manager, department/unit leader, etc.). 
  4. Once the Spend Authorization has completed workflow, the traveler will receive a confirmation email noting the approval and health, safety and risk responsibilities. 

Travel Policy:  Office of Business and Finance: University Policy - TRAVEL

To provide units, supervisors, and travelers with specific procedures to ensure efficiency and fiscal accountability for university business travel expenditures.

Mileage Reimbursement Between Home and Headquarters Location is NOT Allowable.
This includes locations on the same campus as headquarters.
Per section XVIII, part C, #5 (page 7) of the University Travel Policy “Travelers will not be reimbursed for mileage when commuting to and from their residence and headquarters. If the traveler is required to report to a location(s) other than their headquarters during a normal work schedule, the traveler will only be reimbursed for the total distance from their residence to the alternate location(s) less the traveler’s normal commute.”

Important: This policy makes no exceptions for travel while teleworking, making multiple trips to headquarters in a single day (round trip commute already completed), or holiday, night or weekend travel to headquarter location/campus. While working through COVID restrictions in previous years, variations on this policy had been applied but are no longer allowable.

Make Note: if travel to location from HOME is LESS than travel to Headquarters, then no travel can be reimbursed. So if needing to note the trip on the mileage LOG, no miles can be claimed.

Please contact your Cost Center Manager if you have any questions about this policy.

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