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OPERS FORM Clarification

March 23, 2022
Clarification on OPERS form for vendor setup

Previous guidance was that the OPERS form was needed with the vendor setup form when paying an individual for a service. It appears now that any payments (excluding reimbursements or miscellanenous payments for youth awards) to an individual, or sole proprietor, for goods or services requires the OPERS form along with the vendor setup form (primarily for requisitions).

More clarification may be coming. In the meantime, if you need to submit a requisition to pay an individual (anyone that uses an SSN on their vendor setup, even under a business name) they will need to fill out the OPERS form to be attached with the requisition.

Tips for filling in:

OPERS form: OPERS will not accept any type of digital signature including DocuSign. An actual handwritten signature (wet signature) is required.

The Ohio State University

Employer contact would be the name and phone number of the contact as set up with the vendor

Employer Code: 1641

Office phone number

What Service will be Provided...

For services start and end dates, if the end date is unknown, that field can be left blank or marked with N/A. If an end date is provided and the contractor returns later to perform additional work, a new form would need to be submitted with the new date range. 

OPERS Independent Contractor/Worker Acknowledgement Form (PEDACKN)