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Dec. 8, 2020

A file should be maintained (can be all digital) for each month that includes your 3os-61,4os-91,7os-91 and fund exception report, as well as the signed/reviewed checklist (linked below).

You do not need to maintain copies of actual transactions that show up on the detail activity report. All auditable documentation is already attached in  our e-systems for PO’s, Vouchers, eRequests and eTravel. You simply need to check-off all the transactions on the 4os-91 as recognized, and make notes on requested corrections as necessary.

If Internal Audit chooses your county, they will want to see your monthly reconciliation file that is signed as reconciled and reviewed.

eReports Reconciliation Certification Form filled out and signed for each month, filed with that month’s eReport and Detail Activity Report.

Reconciling: Run a Detail Activity Report on all funds that are on your 3OS-61 report, these are your office’s ‘owned’ funds. This report is also sometimes called The Fund Exception Report, the Org/Fund mismatch report, the Did Someone Use my Fund/Money Report. The auditors will ask you for this Fund Exception Report.

Sign into eReports: ereports.osu.edu, navigate to Financials/Flexible Reports/Detail Activity Report

For chartfield parameters under Exclude Organization, type in YOUR ORG-then comma and NO spaces and these 3 #s that begin with ‘8’ that all offices are to use: 570XX,85890,85898,85972

Put a 1 in the Fund column and enter your funds from the 3OS-61 with NO commas between

Accounting Periods start with July as 1 through June as 12. Check both Accounts Payable and PCard – SAVE your report and name it if first time setting it up.

Click RUN, OK (for it to run in background). Your report will populate directly below where you started at for Detail Activity Report, watch the time on the reports- latest run will be on top and may need to hit Refresh- wait for the report and print or save an electronic copy as PDF. KEEP with your eReport file as proof you are running it. You want to see “NO DATA for this report.” IF something DOES show up- follow-up for corrections. Corrections and Errors will BOTH show on this report. IF total is ZERO, it was taken care of within the same month.

When you run the 4OS-91 report- check for any FUNDS that are not yours. Review this report line by line to ensure what you have submitted is what shows on the reports and that you have backup information for each transaction with a pending reconciliation folder (or online folder) with saved transactions that have been submitted.

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