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Key Words in Workday

May. 28, 2021

“My, Find, View, and Edit” Key Words in Workday

Workday uses specific key words to allow you to find or edit your reports/task in the system. “My” used to work to find any of the reports/task you ran but with the updated security roles for the Office Associates, this search no longer works. The best way to find the items you created in Workday is to do a “Find” or “View”.

When searching for items in Workday make sure on the left side of the screen, “All of Workday” is selected and not “Common”. To set your computer to search “All of Workday” as the default, follow the instructions found in this job aid from ARC.

Change Your Preferred Search Category | Administrative Resource Center (

To edit a report or task, in most cases is to click on the three dots by the number on the report. One example is the Miscellaneous Payment Request.

  • Type in the MP000000xxxx number in the search bar.
  • If the number is not known, do a “Find Miscellaneous Payment Request” and select the three dots next to the magnifying glass symbol. It will pull up another screen with possible actions on the left side if a change is possible, usually it will be under the first tab.

Common Reports to Look Up:

  • Find Miscellaneous Payment Request
  • Find Miscellaneous Payee
  • Find Requisitions, (note: this one does have the “My Requisitions” if you are looking for the ones you created.) Change the date range to see POs created more than 30 days prior as that is the default setting in the system.
  • View Supplier
  • Find Supplier Invoices