IT Purchasing Checklist Reminder

April 16, 2020

Guidance for CFAES units on IT Purchasing as part of CFAES IT Transformation Project

Category #1: Items Not Required through the IT Service Desk

The below items are permitted to be purchased directly by units using established University procurement methods (eStores, PCard, PO, reimbursement, etc.).

• Flash Drives

• SD/Memory Cards

• Bags, Cases or Furniture for laptops and tablets

• Batteries / Universal Power Sources / Power Strips

• Wireless Clickers & Presenters

• Screen Protectors

• Site-licenses for established software available through OCIO Self-Service (e.g. SAS)

• DSLR “Point and Shoot” cameras

• iPad accessories (cables, stylus, keyboard, case)

• Printers, Printer Parts, Ink/Toner o The University encourages use of UniPrint’s Managed Print Services program. More information on this campus initiative is located at:


Category #2: Items Required through IT Service Desk at No Additional Cost to Units

Procure these items by contacting the IT Service Desk at 614-514-4848 or The standard versions of below items are provided as part of the per person/per device cost, with no additional charge to units or departments. However, if a request requires specialized or more expensive versions, or extra items (e.g., a second headset) then the IT Service staff will work with customers so that any additional costs are charged back to the unit.

• Computer

• Skype or Zoom related equipment

• Wireless Router

• Computer Peripherals including external Hard Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, DVD Drive, Speaker

• Adapter / Cable Charger for the standard devices


Category #3: Items Required through IT Service Desk with Full Cost Charged Back to Units

Procure these items by contacting the IT Service Desk at 614-514-4848 or The below items will be evaluated for University standards, and, if allowable the purchase will be processed by the IT Service Staff and full cost charged back to the unit.

• Software and license renewals (if not currently available through OCIO Self-Service) IE: Cricut, Canvas

• Tablets or iPad, Digital Flagship Bundle (DFB)

• Domains, Web Services, Web Applications, Web Storage

• AV-related items including digital signage, projector, TV