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Invoice Submission Requirements

Aug. 26, 2021

INVOICES: DO NOT FAX OR MAIL (OR HAVE SUPPLIERS SEND) HARD COPY INVOICES TO COLUMBUS AG ADMIN: invoices are only to be emailed to – they must have an INVOICE # (cannot be a duplicate invoice # used in the past), INVOICE DATE and CORRECT FORMAT FOR Purchase Order numbers…

CORRECT FORMAT FOR PO#S ON INVOICES: USE FORMAT PO-XXXXXXXXXX, do NOT use PO# or (PO-XXXXXXXXXX) or other format – IF the brainware reader cannot make out the correct number to use in Workday, the invoice will not get paid. Best to add the PO number clearly, near the top of the invoice as a standalone number. If the suppliers are sending directly, ask them to CC you to ensure invoice is formatted correctly.

All invoices should be sent directly by our vendors (when possible- but okay for staff to sumbit when necessary to ensure correctness of formatting) to in their original electronic (PDF) format. If AP is unable to receive the original electronic document, AP must have a "clean" copy that has been scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi and must be free of handwritten information. Appreciate any help from our departments by requesting invoices be sent directly to In the event a vendor is unable to email documents, AP asks that invoices be mailed directly to Accounts Payable at 2650 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43210, where AP will be able to scan the document at the required resolution.

If you have an invoice or payment request form that needs to be paid immediately, please call or email AP's Customer Service Team to ensure that your email is pulled from the general flow of invoice submissions: Contact AP Customer Service Team: 614-292-6831 (option 1) or email

PO invoices over $3k or blanket PO invoices will require additional approval in Workday, after AP processes the invoice, before the invoice will pay. The initiator of the PO request will have to approve