IE11 Browser Preferred for eRequest, eStores and eTravel

Sep. 24, 2020


The Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser is the preferred browser to use with eRequest, eStores and eTravel for the most reliable experience. (Do not use Chrome as recent updates are causing issues with eStores.)

While users may still prefer and use other browsers such as Google Chrome, keeping IE11 as the primary browser for eRequest, eStores and eTravel use is recommended.

Mac users are advised to use the Safari browser for these applications.

Additional instructions are available on how to configure IE11. (Please update your Trusted Sites in IE 11. Follow this IE 11 SETUP GUIDE to conform the correct URLs into your IE 11 browser. Once complete, turn off your computer before trying again. This IE Setup Guide is also found on our Job Aids page.)

As always, you may contact the IT Service Desk (link is external) for assistance in setting up IE11 for your workstation.