Holiday Celebration Guidance

Nov. 30, 2021

In lieu of a large college-wide holiday event this year, CFAES departments and units are encouraged to host smaller gatherings locally. This allows us to be sensitive to health and safety concerns while still allowing colleagues to gather in-person to celebrate the holidays.


All Holiday celebrations must adhere to University Expenditure policies. Please see the guidelines below for this year:

  • Holiday celebrations should take place in the office for those that have an in-office presence. Food is allowable to be brought in for the event.
  • Departments should not take employees out to a restaurant or banquet/rental facility.
  • Holiday celebration costs should not exceed $20 per person. All costs of the event are included - food, decorations, etc. Be aware that the $75 per person, per year, rule still applies so if you have had multiple recognition events this year, you may want to minimize spending. (NOTE: These celebrations are limited to employees, no spouses or guests.)
  • No Alcohol should be purchased with university funds.
  • For those in a telework environment it is acceptable to send employees small dollar ($20 Per person or less) consumable gifts such as cookies, fruit, cheese/crackers, etc. Please do not send gift cards to employees or non-cash items such as apparel. Also, do not have food delivered to homes except for those items listed herein.
  • Departments should not provide both a holiday celebration and a gift to employees. Gifts should be avoided as there are IRS tax implications.

Contact Jeff McCutcheon or the Operations Team is any questions.