Getting Contracts Signed

Dec. 16, 2021
  • Contracts: Who Signs?
    • Contract from FAES unit – Department Leader (may or may not need requisition
    • Contract from other OSU unit – SFO (CCMwill facilitate, may or may not need requisition)
    • Contract from external party
      • OSU Purchasing via WD Requisition: When we are buying something or receiving something for free but with a contract
      • PARE: for office space lease agreements (ccm will facilitate)
      • OSP: For any contract/MOU where we are being asked to deliver a service. OSP ePA-005 and email to SPO to facilitate contract
      • Legal Affairs: for those that may not fall into above categories, consult with CCM first
  • Never sign a contract/MOU/MOA locally

Currently, EXTERNAL contracts for purchases (including meeting space rentals, even $0) can only be processed through Workday Requisitions. (Create Requisition/Non Catalog/could use SC10726 Meeting Facilities Rental).

For those to be paid that cannot take a PCard and not already in the system, obtain a vendor setup form to be attached to the Create Requisition entry, as a PO# will be needed and added to the invoice to be sent to  for payment (Net 60 for EFT, Net 90 for check payments).

$0 contracts can be submitted on a $0 requisition, no vendor setup form needed- : with no supplier listed in order to get the contract approved.

For those to be paid on a PCard, do a $0 requisition with no supplier listed in order to get the contract approved. Please be sure to put in the internal memo that the payment will be completed with a PCard after the agreement is signed.

Wait for the req to be marked complete, and you can pull the signed agreement from there (service center will attach before marking complete). Then you can complete your payment on the PCard and submit an expense report, and include a copy of the signed contract as an additional attachment with the expense report.