FY22 Blanket Purchase Orders Time Frame Begins

April 8, 2021

FY22 UNIV Blanket Order Season Processing Time Frame, April 1 through May 31

[Newslink: 4/5/2021]  

Blanket Orders are used for transactions that occur very frequently, have a high variation of product types, have undetermined timing, and are not available in Buckeye Buy.

Your FY22 UNIV Blanket Orders must be received between 4/1/21 and 5/31/21 to allow for adequate processing time. Please see the Create a Blanket Purchase Order (University) job aid, which includes new instructions about Blanket Purchase Orders.

If you have additional questions, use the bf-prsm-osupur@osu.edu address. This article is also available via NewsLink online.


Please note: if this is a renewal PO, remember to inidicate the old PO# in a comment or memo box.