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Find Suppliers in Buckeye Buy

March 24, 2021

Whether looking for Staples, Lowes or other contracted suppliers -including internal such as UniPrint or ComDoc- follow these steps:

  • At HOME screen click on "Request Travel or Purchase" - (OR- in Search field type "Create Requisition" -takes directly to Requisition Type screen)
  • Click "Request to procure goods and/or services"
  • For "Requisition Type" choose "Buckeye Buy Request"
  • Double-check Deliver To address includes Room and Floor info and put in FDM information of Fund/Program/etc... hit OK
  • Click "Connect to Supplier Website" - Connect again on right side of screen
  • Two choices in next screen:
    • Click "Round Trip" in upper left corner- creates a pop-up window of Suppliers in the System - IF not found here.. then do this next step:
    • Under "Supplier" in left column- 'Filter' for ComDoc, UniPrint, etc. for companies not listed in the above mentioned pop-up window
  • If company is not listed under either, you'll likely need to not use "Buckeye Buy" requistion type, but use Non-Catalog requisition type, check ahead of time if they are in the system, if not will need a Vendor Setup Form to attach in your requisition entry
  • Follow-through with your order, add to cart, checkout to return to complete the requisition