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FD522 Transfers

March 29, 2023

FD522, for many county cost centers, includes misc grants that were converted from PeopleSoft to workday. These 50xxxx grant funds converted to a GRxxxxx worktag.

Since CFAES requires all grants to be administered by the Office of Sponsored Programs, we cannot put any new revenues into these grant funds. Often times the revenue we would put in these grant funds was not grant related, but rather misc revenue from programing. We would like to move the equity balances from the FD522/GRxxxx worktags from the old misc grant funds to FD111 designated with a PGxxxxxx Program Value. In order to initiate this move of equity, you can utilize the Equity Balances by Balancing/Carryforward Worktags Report in Workday and complete a Fund Transfer form.