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Faculty and Staff Appreciation Guidance

Dec. 9, 2019


Departments/units should spend no more than $75/employee, per year for staff appreciation and events.  While this amount does not include rental fees for space, tables, chairs, etc., it does include all food, beverage, entertainment, games, and any gifts.  Keep in mind, all applicable tax rules must be followed if giving gifts to employees.

Generally speaking, holiday parties and staff appreciation week events would be included in this category; and our guidance is these events should not include gifts/gift cards from University funding sources.

The University Expenditures Policy outlines other situations where individual gifts may be appropriate (Formal awards, appreciation of service programs, retirement, birth or adoption of child, death of immediate family member, etc) and the tax implications to the employee for those gifts. See also: Faculty and Staff Appreciation Guidance from the Office of the President.