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Extension Name Badge Order Process and Format Update

Jan. 29, 2024

New Employees

The Extension Operations team is now ordering name badges for new employees – which will be delivered to each employee’s office location by or shortly after their start date.

Format Update

Both new and replacement name badges will now be ordered via UniPrint, using the Extension mark. All name badges ordered after this point will use the updated format.

We will continue to use employee name only on our name badges, per previous administrative decision and current practice. Name badges will not include county name, department, or position title. This is a purposeful style decision designed to encourage conversation among employees and others about one’s role with Extension, your location, etc. This also saves significantly on reprint costs if/when an employee changes position and location within Extension.

Current Employees

Replacement name badges for established employees can be ordered by the employee’s home unit via UniPrint (using the individual’s unit or program funds). The cost is $12 per badge. When you order a name badge, select “White, black text”, choose “Extension” for the Logo, and then complete the Name field as well. Again, please do not add title or county/unit (although you will see those fields on the UniPrint order form).

When you get to the Finalize section of the order form, select the white finish option (not brushed aluminum). Note: the UniPrint order will need to be accompanied with a catalog requisition through Workday to finalize the purchase. If you have questions about ordering a name badge, please contact the Operations team. The result should look like the example below.

Name Badge ExampleA close-up of a sign Description automatically generated