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Extension Contract Approval Processes

March 26, 2024
  • Never sign a contract, MOU or MOA locally
  • Contract from CFAES unit
    • Department Leader (may or may not need requisition)
  • Contract from other OSU departments (non-CFAES)
    • Senior Fiscal Officer (SFO) has delegated authority. Cost Center Manager (CCM) will facilitate (may or may not need requisition).
  • Contract from external party for special situations:
    • PARE (Planning, Architecture and Real Estate): for office space lease agreements (CCM will facilitate). 
    • OSP: for any contract or MOU where we are being asked to deliver a service. Contact CCM for assistance.
    • Legal Affairs: for those that may not fall into the above categories, consult with CCM first.
  • Contracts where we are procuring a good or service (FAES Resource Guide):
    • Paid by check/ACH: Purchase Order via Requisition
      • Attach the contract to the Requisition. Once the supplier has been added to the system and Requisition is approved, a Purchase Order number will be created.
      • The contract will be reviewed by OSU purchasing and returned to the requestor as a "send back" if the contract needs countersigned or an addendum has been attached by purchasing. Once addendum is signed, upload to Workday and submit.
        • For payment, submit invoice with PO# on it and send to  for payment (Net 60 for EFT, Net 90 for check payments on new suppliers)
    • Paid by PCard
  • $0 contracts (or fee waived) or third party contract payment